Relaxation and Learning - Work Experience in Healthcare



Relaxation and Learning - Worplace Experience in Healthcare

Work Experience in Healthcare

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  • Level 4 Certificate, Leaving Certificate or equivalent qualifications and/or relevant life and work experiences.
  • Learners undertaking Placement or Practice modes of work experience must work the equivalent of ten to fifteen working days.


  • To enable the learner to gain a credit in Work Experience at Level 5.
  • To develop critical awareness of the changing nature of work
  • To set achievable goals for work experience
  • To utilise learning opportunities presented in the work environment
  • To apply work skills to consolidate learning in the vocational area
  • To understand how work is planned and organised at different levels in a specific vocational area
  • To appreciate the importance of safety and welfare in the workplace
  • To develop capabilities, both personal and vocational, to successfully meet challenges in the workplace
  • To review career choices in the light of their own aspirations, experience, abilities and available options
  • To explore future employment opportunities (including opportunities for self employment, contract work, work in the social economy, etc).
  • Final Results are graded as a Pass 50%-64%, a Credit 65%-79%, or a Distinction 80%-100%
  • On completion of the course Candidates present a portfolio of coursework which shows that they have achieved all of the Specific Learning Outcomes including the following:
  • Learner Journal – A personal journal will be compiled by candidates. It will include a description of the candidate’s planning and preparation, the candidate’s experience in the workplace, and a review and evaluation of the candidate’s learning while on work experience.
  • Assignment – Candidates are required to investigate their vocational award area. The profile should:

· describe the industry/sector and its range of occupations
· detail the qualifications and experience needed for work associated with one occupation in the vocational area
· discuss employment and career opportunities in the vocational award area.

  • Skills Demonstration – In one or more skills demonstrations, candidates will be assessed in a broad range of vocational, practical and interpersonal communication skills while in the workplace.


  • Unit 1 Planning and Preparation
  • Unit 2 Experience
  • Unit 3 Review and Evaluation

Detailed course content is available on request

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